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Thursday 24 February 2005 om 09u51

Fat chick sitting on a chair with a dog underneath

Yesterday I saw this commercial on TV that disgusted me completely. It was the commercial for a program called “Je Bent Wat Je Eet”, a TV-show on VTM (a Belgian network), the traduction would be “You Are What You Eat”.

It’s a show about fat people that eat too much. No Wait, it’s a show about INCREDIBLY FUCKING FAT PEOPLE that eat EVERYTHING THAT COMES NEAR ‘EM!
Seriously. The commercial shows this lady (lady? LADY? I know more appropriate words…) having Fries (French Fries, Frieten) for breakfast, but not the normal ones, no, the nastiest menu you can find in Belgium. And then there’s this other “lady” (lol) eating mayonaise with a spoon. Read it again, yes, mayo - with - a - spoon.
There’s also a guy eating god knows what, it looks disgusting, and someone baking a steak in 125 grams of butter. I don’t know if you have any idea of what 125 grams of butter is, well, I didn’t untill I saw this, it’s HALF a pack of butter (a 250 gram one, obviously)! This litteraly means that the steak is getting boiled in fat, I wish I had a picture. No wait, I don’t.

There’s also this great page on ihate on fat people, go read it (or read the whole post about it).


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  • 1. cush_  |  Friday 25 February 2005 om 08u20  |  Belgium
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    obese people make me sick… disgusting.

  • 2. jesus_  |  Friday 25 February 2005 om 08u50  |  Belgium
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    It’s not obese, it’s ULTRAFAT

  • 3. Sam  |  Saturday 26 February 2005 om 02u42  |  United States
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    That has to be one of the most disturbing pictures of a fat person I’ve ever seen. And I live in America for God’s sake!

  • 4. whacker  |  Saturday 26 February 2005 om 11u58  |  Belgium
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    don’t whine, I’m obese :p
    well, sure I am, but I don’t care at all about it.
    Then again, I don’t eat mayo with a spoon, I don’t bake steaks in 250g’s of butter etc.

  • 5. jesus_  |  Sunday 27 February 2005 om 19u56  |  Belgium
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    There’s obese and obese. You’re not obese, you’re obese :D

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