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Wednesday 9 March 2005 om 17u55

Canon MV700

Last week, my girlfriend and I bought a digital camera, not to take pictures but to make movies. We chose the Canon MV700, it has a 800.000 pixels resolution and a 16x optical zoom (!).

Anyway, I bought a FireWire cable at Triac in Brussels (4 pin to 4 pin, 1.8 meters) for only € 6.99 and tested it yesterday on my laptop (my desktop doesn’t have FireWire).
It’s amazing, digital video rocks!
Windows XP is pretty good handling (this) digital camera when I plugged in the FireWire cable (also called DV cable), a few clicks and before you know it the video is on your harddisk. Uncompressed (raw AVI which stands for Audio Video Interleave) takes about 3.7 megabytes per second (hehe, about 14 gigabytes for 1 hour of video), but with some compression it fits in much smaller files. To save my precious diskspace I’ll either encode it and store it, or just keep the tapes. I think they’re about € 5.00 so the price won’t make the difference.

I installed Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 and maybe I’ll make some cool videos I can post here. Maybe not. Who will tell? I hope I find the time to do so, because that’s the only thing you can’t buy.

The day I find the guy who invented the 24 hour day I’m gonna sue his ass.

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  • 1. Erik  |  Wednesday 9 March 2005 om 18u28  |  Belgium
         Gepost met Internet Explorer 6.0 op Windows XP

    Dear Marnik, I am looking forward to see your first homemovies posted on this blog ;-)

    PS: if you plan any other capital investments in the future, just check with me I could have gotten a nice price for your CANON


  • 2. jesus_  |  Thursday 10 March 2005 om 12u03  |  Belgium
         Gepost met Firefox 1.0 op Ubuntu Linux

    I’ll keep it in mind :)

  • 3. Jauhari  |  Friday 11 March 2005 om 03u53  |  Indonesia
         Gepost met Firefox 1.0 op Windows XP

    I don’t know where I must replay your comment. So write in this place :)

    About my Screen Shot (Indonesian Goverment was hacked) I toke from my IE. Because more easy to take the Screen Shot.

    I am use Firefox for my Default Browser, and I was customize my Firerfox, so… I don’t want other people saw my Extended Firefox

    Thanks for attention


  • 4. jesus_  |  Friday 11 March 2005 om 12u42  |  Belgium
         Gepost met Firefox 1.0 op Ubuntu Linux

    How can taking a screenshot be harder in firefox than in IE? Just press alt+printscreen, open up paint and paste it inthere, save as .png et voila, you’re done.

    It’s just as easy in every application.

  • 5. ntone  |  Friday 11 March 2005 om 16u38  |  Belgium
         Gepost met Firefox 1.0 op Windows XP

    Ellie does serie op komst? :angel:

  • 6. jesus_  |  Friday 11 March 2005 om 16u57  |  Belgium
         Gepost met Firefox 1.0 op Ubuntu Linux

    In your dreams :D

  • 7. gdzilla  |  Friday 11 March 2005 om 17u04  |  Belgium
         Gepost met Firefox 1.0.1 op Windows XP

    In his dreams that series’ going to begin the 5th season… on popular demand…

  • 8. ntone  |  Friday 11 March 2005 om 20u52  |  Belgium
         Gepost met Firefox 0.9.2 op Windows XP

    aaaah, rerun on demand and all!

  • 9. jesus_  |  Saturday 12 March 2005 om 10u26  |  Belgium
         Gepost met Firefox 1.0 op Windows XP

    toemme :O

  • 10. jesus_’s blog &raq&hellip  |  Monday 11 April 2005 om 09u37  |  Netherlands
         Gepost met WordPress 1.5

    […] his, but I didn’t think of it. I use the FireWire for Digital Video (as you can read here) but I didn’t think of it as a USB2.0 replacement. Hell, it’s even a lot better than USB2.0. […]

  • 11. jesus_’s blog &raqu&hellip  |  Saturday 27 August 2005 om 13u44  |  Netherlands
         Gepost met WordPress 1.5

    […] orteren, welke wel en welke niet afdrukken, de 2u30 film op de pc zwieren (staat nu nog op de camera) en bewerken, DVD maken, … Werk > tijd. […]

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