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Barcode goes console

Monday 28 March 2005 om 17u40

JH Barcode Console-Dag

First of all, JH Barcode is the local place where most of my friends meet at least once a week (the youth club/center). It’s open every friday and every first saturday of the month. Last thursday some friends and I organized a “Console-Day”, we brought 2 projectors and
some consoles (PS2, GameCube’s, …) and we gamed the whole day long.
Here (13.62 mb)’s a movie I made about it, it’s not finished yet (I have to add some music)

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  • 1. whacker  |  Tuesday 5 April 2005 om 09u41  |  Belgium
         Gepost met Firefox 1.0.1 op Linux

    i won…

  • 2. jesus_  |  Tuesday 5 April 2005 om 09u51  |  Belgium
         Gepost met Firefox 1.0 op Ubuntu Linux

    … the fuglycontest.


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