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Monday 9 May 2005 om 11u00

You might have noticed that the last week was pretty calm on my blog. It’s because I had have a lot to do.
I have 3 weeks left to complete my program to control this robotic arm. It has to sort stuff based on images, so I have it pick up little balls (in different colors) and show those balls to a camera where the program looks at what color it is. Based on the color (or darkness, or pattern-matching, not sure yet) it puts the balls in different places untill it runs out of balls.
The last week I did a lot of work at barcode (the one and only youthclub wemmel has), my parents are building a house (and I want to take pictures and shoot movies every day), I’m making movies I should have made a few months ago, …
Anyway, it’s time to report so soon there will be some posts about the last week (including pics!). But now I should be working on my robot. And I don’t feel like it :|

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  • 1. Jolicoeur  |  Wednesday 11 May 2005 om 15u50  |  Belgium
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    Aren’t robots supposed to do the work for you? ;-)


    Today’s robots are very primitive, capable of understanding only a few simple instructions such as ‘go left’, ‘go right’, and ‘build car’.
    — John Sladek

  • 2. jesus_  |  Thursday 12 May 2005 om 09u00  |  Belgium
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    Yes they should, but this one is a toy and not precise enough to do what I want. But it’s just supposed to be a proof of concept, so it’ll be ok :)

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