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JH Barcode goes pie

A few weeks ago we decided to be present at the “avondmarkt van wemmel” as we call it in Dutch, it’s like a braderie (and Wemmel is my hometown). We wanted to do something original, and someone came up with the idea of piethrowing!

The first picture you see (the one higher up) shows all the people that “volunteered” to have their faces covered in whipped cream, the only one missing on the picture is me (but I only had 2 pies thrown at me). From left to right: Anneke, Gdzilla (Goos, Barcode’s president), Jess and Jerre (aka Ixinix).

The pics are raw and unedited, I don’t know anything about photography, all I know is that I have a lot of pics :)

Anneke and Jerre, covered in cream (mmm).

Jess, and the one throwing the pie didn’t miss!

Gdzilla, and me cheating :) (I didn’t throw, I just walked up to him and rubbed it into his face, less painfull and more effective).

Some info for people that want to throw pies and don’t know what the cost is or how to get started:

  • cardboard plates (€ 0.99 for 10 at Carrefour)
  • Whipped Cream (€ 0.77 for 250ml at Carrefour)

The whipped cream was the cheapest we could find (prices are around € 2.00 for good cream) and it didn’t taste good. Worse, it smelled _very_ strong and not that good either :)
Anyway, you can fill 3 plates with 250ml (depends on how much you use) so one “pie” costs about € 0.40. I’m putting all this info here because I searched my ass off trying to find anything about this online and didn’t find anything usefull.

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Busy busy busy

You might have noticed that the last week was pretty calm on my blog. It’s because I had have a lot to do.
I have 3 weeks left to complete my program to control this robotic arm. It has to sort stuff based on images, so I have it pick up little balls (in different colors) and show those balls to a camera where the program looks at what color it is. Based on the color (or darkness, or pattern-matching, not sure yet) it puts the balls in different places untill it runs out of balls.
The last week I did a lot of work at barcode (the one and only youthclub wemmel has), my parents are building a house (and I want to take pictures and shoot movies every day), I’m making movies I should have made a few months ago, …
Anyway, it’s time to report so soon there will be some posts about the last week (including pics!). But now I should be working on my robot. And I don’t feel like it :|

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